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Sparkling with original songs and astutely chosen covers, The Confusion of My Illusion chronicles how Kelly Mantle embraces their two-spirit identity, how society reacts and how they navigate the inevitable confusion that arises both in themself and in the world they encounter. With tales that range from playing the Bible’s Eve as trans woman to a true-life encounter with George W. Bush, The Confusion of My Illusion serves as Mantle’s personal battle cry in the tradition of the gender-benders at Stonewall

Written by Kelly Mantle
Developed by Kelly Mantle and Jon Imparato
Directed by Jon Imparato
Produced by Los Angeles LGBT Center/Jon Imparato

Presented at the Center’s Davidson/Valentini Theatre on March 26, 2010


Kelly Mantle


Lawrencia Dandridge
Miss Barbie Q

Directed by Jon Imparato; setting by Robert Selander; lighting by Christie Wright; sound design by Michelle Born; production manager Patricia Sutherland; choreography by Norman Cox; singers’ costumes by Ben De Jesus; original music and lyrics by Kelly Mantle; video director and editor Andy Putschoegl; music consultant Zachary Provost; crew Michelle Born, C. Randall Ott, and Sarah Wilson; and the “Voice of Adam” Brian Gleason.