Cultural Arts: Stages


The first play in the Garage Theatre series unleashes an innovative experiment in drive-in theatre! MARCH is conceived and directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera. The play takes place 25 years in the future in a world of mortal danger. Three Trans/Gender Non-Conforming women of color seek a safe place to hide from “The Military.” Darkly fearful and incorporating elements of magic realism, MARCH is a suspenseful, starkly political drama of peril and liberation.

Conceived and Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera
Written by MJ Brown/Miss Barbie Q, Amir Levi, Coretta Monk, Alex Budin, Chad Christopher, Matthew Clark, Brandon English, MARDOZA, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Roland Ruiz, and Nick Salamone
Co-production of the Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center and Playwrights’ Arena

Presented in the Center’s Anita May Rosenstein parking garage during the COVID-19 pandemic on October 17, 2020


SYDNEY……….MJ Brown/Miss Barbie-Q
LAVINIA……….Amir Levi
MARY……….Coretta Monk
CAPTAIN……….Chad Christopher
SOLDIERS……….Alex Budin, Matthew Clark, Diego de Los Andes, Brandon English, MARDOZA, Roland Ruiz

Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera; dramaturgy by Nick Salamone; costume design by Mylette Nora; lighting by Matt Richter; sound design by Edwin Peraza; choreography by Vera Wagman; production stage managers Rebecca Schoenberg and Maggie Marx; original music by autodealer; props and set pieces by Edwin Peraza; production manager Patricia Sutherland; audio technician Dennis Peraza; casting consultant Raul Skaggs; and crew fight/dance captain Roland Ruiz, lighting crew Megan Benavente, Tor Brown, and Kaitlin Chang.